My name is Kaileen, I’m originally from Johnstown, NY. Do you know where that is? No? Yeah, no one else does either. It’s a small town roughly 45 miles northwest of Albany.  However, I’m currently living in the beautiful city of Buffalo (haven’t heard it called that lately have you). I moved here four years ago to attend law school. I went to undergrad at SUNY Brockport for political science, which, as you know, is a super useful degree to have. After  undergrad, I moved to Montana to participate in an AmeriCorps program.  While living in Montana I met the love of my life online, something I could have done without moving 2000 miles away, but I had amazing adventures and learned a lot about myself. I’ll save that saga for a separate blog post.

Anyway I’m currently working as an attorney, hanging out with my cats Cecil and Milo and my fiance David, and attempting to plan a wedding. I’m hoping to fit some adventures in there as well.

I’ve wanted to start blogging for awhile, so here it goes.  This blog will be a compilation of a variety to topics.  Exploring New York State, hiking, traveling, and skiing!


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