Exploring the State with the Most Ski Areas

I grew up skiing. Its the only thing I would really say I’m an expert in. I learned to ski  when I was three and I have been doing it ever since. I grew up five miles down the road from a tiny ski area: Royal Mountain.  My family and I were there every single weekend in the winter. My Dad was on the ski patrol and my Mom taught ski lessons, and my brother and I terrorized the mountain like we owned the place. Some of my best childhood memories are from weekends at Royal. The place always felt like a family. Its nothing  fancy, but it felt like my second home and still does today.  The mountain has a wide variety of terrain for its size.  There are only really five main trails; the Royal, the Challenge, the Queen, the Prince, and the Knight. Two blacks (the Royal and the Challenge), two blues(the Queen and the Prince), and a green (the Knight). There are also some great glades as well, aptly named the Wench and the Jester, in keeping with the theme.  The mountain made me into the skier and the person I am today.

In keeping with what I know, I thought, what better to write about than ski areas. New York is the state with the most ski areas. I was surprised when I first learned this as well: but there are 50!

This will be no easy feat and will take be probably at least full two winters, but here goes nothing. I have visited some of these ski areas in the past, but as most of my visits were a long time, ago during my high school ski racing days, I will be visiting them all again.

The visits won’t be all about the skiing. I’ll also be looking at the atmosphere of each place. Whenever I visit a new mountain I look for a sense of community. I don’t like ski areas that feel sterile. This comes from growing up at a mountain where everybody watches out for one another. I’m excited to explore new areas of NY, and great East Coast  skiing as well.

Next weekend I will begin there it all started. Royal Mountain!


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